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Executive Coaching Services

We offer three packages:

The Works: Unlimited meetings/calls with CEO, LinkedIn and resume overhauls, bi-weekly zoom calls, search strategies, job leads, interview prep, client research, mock interviews, compensation negotiations. ($3500)

Executive: Three in-person or zoom sessions with executive search consultant,  with LinkedIn and resume improvements, and interview prep. ($1750)       

Professional: Two one-hour phone or zoom coaching sessions with executive search consultant, with resume and LinkedIn improvements. ($995) 

Coaching Testimonials:

"Why didn't they teach me these things in college? Awesome and highly recommended."

- Emme H.


"The compensation negotiations alone paid for the coaching ten times over."

- Donna M.

" individually designed masterclass in branding, packaging and selling your wares. Complete with insider resources. The mock interview was my favorite - both humbling and enlightening. Forget everything you thought you knew - the hiring world has changed!" 

- Jonathan F.

"The Resume/LinkedIn overhaul alone is worth the price. Way better than the so-called resume services."

 - Jerry P. 

"He gave me a ton of insider-info like names, numbers, emails, referrals, recommendations, just can't get this stuff on your own."

- Paul  E.

"If you're interested in advancing your career, this coaching series is 100% the best investment you'll ever make." 

- Steve H.   

Email to schedule a complimentary phone call. 
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