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"It takes months to find a customer, but seconds to lose one."

-Vince Lombardi


Steve Frybert

Landmark Industries

James Thompsen

SRT Manufacturing

Wilson Riviera

Frontier Corp.

"Finally a search firm who gets it. We got tired of headhunters who only seem to care about getting their deal done. These guys look for innovative ways to help us. Hiring is no longer a nightmare, and we don't have to settle for anything but the best." 

"Ascend filled our GM role, and Scott Whipkey was fantastic. He made it easy for us - he has a knack for clutting through all of the things that don't matter.


If the position you're trying to fill is critical to your organization's success, I highly recommend that you call Ascend. 

"Ascend placed our Director of Engineering  in Washington. They had three great candidates to us very quickly. This was a 'confidential search' and I was extremely impressed with their process and attention to detail. They are true professionals - I've worked with the big firms a lot, and these guys are way better."

Jim Schneider

IBM Corp.

"We retained Ascend for our VP of Data Analytics role, and their whole search process is outstanding. They found us a great leader, and they are an absolute pleasure to work with. "

Julia D'Angelo

Eaton Corp.

"Excellent ROI with with Ascend. They took a different approach to helping us find great talent. They worked with our marketing department to help us craft a compelling message for our employment brand. It's worked tremendously. ASCEND is definitely not your average search firm."

Cheryl Nelson

Xerox Corp.

"Wow! A search firm unlike any other. They're not just trying to make a placement, they're helping us grow our business and they're fun to work with. Stellar results - with a personal touch - very refreshing."

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