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Ascend launches SourceSheet™ for Recruiting

NEW! SourceSheet™: Targeted Recruit Leads

Our latest offering: SourceSheet™: We'll deliver a list of qualified, passive candidates for your specific position, at a fraction of the cost of a full search.

Maybe you don't have a big recruiting budget. Maybe you need strict confidentiality. Maybe you've been burned by a big headhunting fee. Maybe your HR department has better things to do than fishing for talent. If so, perhaps you'd just like a list of everyone within 50 miles of your business who is qualified for your position, so you can call or email them yourself.

SourceSheet™ is a proprietary algorithmic process producing an excel spreadsheet of candidates in a specific location who match your criteria (keywords). You can upload the data to your ATS, add email addresses to your newsletter, or communicate with them however you choose. No more running ads, no more spending big money and countless hours scouring job boards and shuffling resumes.

Scott Whipkey, CEO of Ascend, says “While SourceSheet™ is certainly not a replacement for our Executive Search services, we understand that not everyone wants a full-blown search. And these days, it’s all about the data. Look at how much these job/lead boards cost per seat. Some companies don’t see the value in that; they just want a handy list of targeted, passive candidates. It’s all about delivering specific data that can be used immediately. This is the raw data that we use to start a search, and now we're making it available to our clients, a la carte. We're simply filling a need. It’s a brand new way of thinking about how we can bring value to our clients, and we think our proprietary technology has the potential to disrupt the recruiting industry.”


Client asks for list of every VP or Director of Human Resources within 75 miles of Pittsburgh, PA:

We email SourceSheet™ to clients within three business days, containing:

First Name / Last Name / Current Job Title / Current Employer

City / State / Email Address / Phone Number​​​


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